About Matt Callian


Thanks for visiting our website, I’m an Italian/Australian videomaker and freelance videographer, and I’m the founder and owner of Matt Callian Videography, a video production business based in Sydney.

When you choose us as your video production partner, I like to be personally involved in the creative process, and I choose my collaborators very carefully, based on production requirements. 

What we ultimately strive for, and what we believe in, is the power of VIDEO as a mean to grow an audience and build a brand. Video is part of a communication strategy, and every single video production we look after is carefully crafted, from pre-production to post-production. 

My passion for the creative arts started when I was very young. I studied music at a young age and since then I’ve always loved the world of multimedia and content creation. My journey as a videomaker started in Sydney in 2017, and since then I’ve enjoyed the art of filming and editing. I’ve served Sydney and international brands and people with  quality video productions, with a personal touch approach to every project that comes my way.

If you’d like to get in touch with me for a collaboration, or for a business enquiry, you can send me an email or call me.


Hi! Welcome to my studio and welcome to my website. If you have taken a look around and saw my videos, you already know I’m a Sydney based videographer and I have a passion for the creative arts and the multimedia world.

This is just a quick presentation video so you can get to know me in person and hear my voice. If you’ve arrived in this space, you’re probably looking for someone to help you out with your videography and video editing needs.

I’m a freelance video maker, and I can help you with capturing social events, corporate events, weddings and family events, as well as for video production from A to Z. That means I can help you with putting together a video from planning to execution.

I can also be useful with a little bit of marketing tips for you and your company, so you can grow organically on the web using video as a strategy to reach your audience. Because video is a fantastic way to create engagement on the web and get people to connect with you and trust you even before they get to know you in person.

Statistics over consumption of video content speaks pretty loudly these days, on every platform video is getting more and more popular, and on each different platform it needs to be treated in a different way, making sure the content is relevant to the type of audience you’re talking to.

So for example if we’re producing an AD that will be used as a hook on a paid facebook campaign, that type of video will be different from the classic video business card that sits on the front page of your website.

Not to mention of course that wedding videos and event videos are not made for selling anything, they are crafted in a way so they can remind you of the emotions of that day, and bring back memories.

These are just examples of why, before starting your video production, you should talk to your videographer about the goal of the video. What are we trying to communicate, who is our audience, and how can we do it best.

Anyways, enough talk, just wanted to say hi, if you’re here you know how to get in touch with me. I hope you have a fantastic day, thanks for visiting.