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Videographer Setups

We strive to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that we can fulfil your video production requirements at a price that suits you. Ultimately, the cost is determined by the nature of the filming project and the necessary equipment for the shoot. To simplify this process, we have created four “setups” based on the most common types of shoots we handle, enabling you to pay only for what you truly need. If you’re unsure about which setup is most suitable for your project, feel free to reach out to us, we are more than happy to discuss your project in detail and provide guidance to steer you in the right direction. All of the options below include one videographer on-site and raw footage sent to you via cloud. Video editing services are quoted separately.

Full Setup

Prices start at A$750

Our videographer will show up on location at the time of your choosing with a full setup including:

Video production example

Testimonial video example Bilue Athena
Play Video

This setup is suitable for
interviews, pieces to camera, testimonials and case studies, corporate videos, commercials and advertising, training videos

Video & Lights

Prices start at A$630

For some projects, you need great video quality and professional lighting, but no audio recording, here’s what this setup offers:

Video production example

Create Flow video thumbnail
Play Video about Create Flow video thumbnail

This setup is suitable for
products videography, fashion and lifestyle, commercials and advertising where there’s no need for audio recording

Video & Audio

Prices start at A$570

If you need video and audio recording but there’s no need for professional lighting, this is the service for you:

Video production example

Golden Bone Event Video thumbnail
Play Video about Golden Bone Event Video thumbnail

This setup is suitable for
events where live audio recording is needed, vox pops and impromptu interviews, vlogs and video tours

Roaming Video

Prices start at A$390

This is the most basic setup, our videographer will be handling one camera at a time (no multicam work) and will take care of recording video only, so no audio work or professional lighting included:

Video production example

Play Video about WKO Karate Sydney thumbnail

This setup is suitable for
events where no quality live audio recording is needed, B-roll footage and video visuals only, simple event highlights videos

Videography and Video Editing Price List

Wondering about the cost of video production in Sydney? Discover our standard prices for videography and video editing services.

Videography Sydney

With any of our videography setups below, the minimum booking period is 3 hours on-site, including setup and pack-up time. We provide one videographer on location with equipment. Prices are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax of 10%.

Full Setup

3 hours – A$ 750
4 hours
– A$ 1,000
5 hours – A$ 1,200
6 hours – A$ 1,350
7 hours – A$ 1,500
8 hours – A$ 1,600

Video & Lights

3 hours – A$ 630
4 hours
– A$ 840
5 hours – A$ 1,000
6 hours – A$ 1,150
7 hours – A$ 1,250
8 hours – A$ 1,350

Video & Audio

3 hours – A$ 570
4 hours
– A$ 760
5 hours – A$ 900
6 hours – A$ 1,020
7 hours – A$ 1,130
8 hours – A$ 1,220

Roaming Video

3 hours – A$ 390
4 hours
– A$ 520
5 hours – A$ 620
6 hours – A$ 700
7 hours – A$ 780
8 hours – A$ 850

When you book one of the above options, standard raw footage delivery time via cloud is included (5 business days). If you need your footage delivered via hard drive, we will raise an invoice for the extra expenses incurred.

Video Editing

Looking for a video production end-to-end solution? We offer quality video editing services for events, corporate, marketing and social media. Depending on the level of complexity, we designed our video editing pricing to suit your needs. If you need assistance in understanding where your project stands, feel free to reach out for a friendly chat.

Pro Video Editing

30s-60s video – A$ 650
1-2min video – A$ 1,000
2-3min video – A$ 1,300
3-5min video – A$ 1,500

Pro Video Editing

We take your concept, brief, and guidelines and transform your footage and recorded audio into a captivating video. Our expert team adds music, smooth transitions, and enhances the visuals with professional colour grading. As part of our service, we include basic graphics such as placing logos at the beginning/end of the video, lower thirds titles, and captions. Learn more about our video editing workflow.

Additional Format Add-On

Flat fee – A$ 150

Additional Format Add-On

If you require your video in different formats to cater to various platforms, we’ve got you covered. Our additional format add-on service ensures your video is adapted seamlessly to new dimensions, such as a landscape version for YouTube or a vertical version for Instagram. Our team will efficiently rearrange elements to optimise the video for each specific platform.

Motion Graphics Add-On

30s-60s video – A$ 350
1-2min video – A$ 450
2-3min video – A$ 550
3-5min video – A$ 600

Motion Graphics Add-On

To take your video to the next level and add a touch of sophistication, our motion graphics add-on purchase is the perfect choice. Whether you need dynamic graphics moving throughout your video or informative explainer graphics to complement your content, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team will study and discuss your branding guidelines to create custom motion graphics that perfectly align with your vision. Elevate your video with captivating visual elements and make a lasting impression on your audience.

A Guide to Booking your Video Production Services with Us


Most of our clients reach out to us with a brief, an idea, a video example, a specific request, a well-defined concept, or a detailed list of specs for their video production needs. Whether you have a fully-formed concept or just a rough outline, we are here to help.


After discussing the details and obtaining more info, we send out personalised itemised quotes which include pre-production, shooting, post-production details, deposit payment details and our terms of service.


The quote does not guarantee availability on the preferred day of the shoot, shoot dates are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis, and shoot dates are booked and locked in only when a deposit payment is received.


When the deposit payment is received, your booking is confirmed. Typically, the deposit amount covers the shooting portion of the project, while the editing portion remains as a balance to be paid after the shoot.

Are you ready to get started?

That’s great, we can’t wait to embark on a video project with you! If you’ve received a quote from us and you’re ready to proceed, please check the calendar above to ensure that we are still available on the date of your choosing. There are two ways of confirming your booking:

Option 1

Using the calendar above, select the service that matches your project (e.g., full setup – 5 hours). Proceed with making the booking on the date and time slot of your choice and confirm the booking by making a secure card payment at the end of the booking process.

Option 2

Choose one of the payment options provided in the quotation we sent you. Once the payment is made, please notify us immediately, allowing us to promptly allocate your booking in our calendar system.

Working with Us

Video production quality varies within the industry, and there are diverse options available in the market in terms of pricing and quality. Our focus is on creating compelling video content at a reasonable price point, positioning ourselves in the mid-tier video production category. We take pride in assisting businesses and organisations in achieving their video production goals through:


We provide expert video production guidance to marketing and media departments to ensure the success of your video projects.

Reliable Service

Our commitment extends beyond the technical aspect; we offer dependable service on both a personal and equipment level, ensuring a smooth production process.

Professional Imagery

We believe in delivering visually stunning results through our creative approach, ensuring that your video content stands out.

Technical and Operational Info


We primarily use Sony camera equipment, enabling us to capture high-quality footage for your projects. Our standard shooting specifications include:


Our lighting equipment included with our standard services comprises a combination of mid-power lights ranging from 100 to 300W.


For projects involving audio capture, careful consideration is essential to ensure optimal results when recording various audio sources.


To guarantee a seamless production experience, we prioritise preparedness with a comprehensive backup plan. Though we cannot eliminate equipment failure entirely, we take every precaution to minimise disruptions during filming.

“With our skilled team, quality equipment, and meticulous planning, we strive to deliver exceptional video productions while maintaining a secure and dependable filming environment.”