Professional Food Photography and Videography

Quality production packages for restaurant and cafe owners in Sydney

Food photography and Videography in Sydney

In a nutshell, here’s what we offer:

Half day or full day photo/video shoot at your venue

Quality images

Quality food and restaurant videos

Fast delivery and revisions (digital download)

Multiple formats for your social media campaigns

Hi-res imagery for your printing needs

If you’re looking for a professional food photographer in Sydney, food stylist, and professional food videographer, you’ve come to the right place.

For restaurant and cafe owners in Sydney, we’ve crafted some tasty photography and videography packages, so you can jump start your social media activity, printing needs and website.

A picture says a thousand words, and a video can tell a whole story in less than a minute. Customers buy with their eyes, and the quality of your marketing collateral is key. A food and beverage photographer’s task is to bring the livelihood of your menu into pictures.

For us, it’s important to understand the style of your cuisine, so we can cater the best imagery for the product you offer, and align the mood of your restaurant with your online marketing strategy.

Taking food pictures and making food videos is what we love. We also come from a hospitality background so we can speak your language and interact with your staff knowing what their daily routine is like.

Food photography and videography Sydney package

Here’s our food photographer and videographer package for Sydney restaurants and cafes, we have tailored this offer to suit general requirements and needs across the hospitality industry. The package includes the following and prices start at $3.500 (ex GST).

  • One food photographer
  • One food videographer
  • Half day shooting (typically 8am-12pm)
  • 15 high quality pictures
  • 5 high quality videos
  • First drafts delivered in 4 weeks
  • Additional pictures available at a discounted price

How does it work?

1. Book

Book your food photographer and videographer in Sydney, we suggest choosing a quiet time of the day, typically the first part of the week and before lunch hour. Usually, we visit the restaurant in the morning and shoot until before lunchtime. We also offer full day shooting if the output requirements are higher than usual (many photos and video), in which case you should book a separate room of the restaurant so we can can some allocated space for shooting all day.

2. Before shooting day

The information we will need is the number of dishes you would like to shoot, so we know how many plates are coming out of the kitchen on the shooting day. Would be amazing to have smartphone photos of those dishes so we know exactly what we’re shooting. Or you can send us a list of the dishes, with the type of plate/bowl they are served in. We also need to discuss the photography and videography style, to better suit your restaurant style with your imagery. You will be advising your restaurant team that on that day a food photographer and videographer will be on site.

3. Shooting day staff requirements

We usually recommend having your kitchen team on shift a little earlier than usual, so they can be ready to pump out dishes as soon as the photography set is ready. Yourself or the manager will be available to assist.

4. Shooting day food photography operation

The kitchen needs to work in sync with the food photographer. The food photographer calls one dish at a time, with a 10-15 minutes gap between dishes (list and order of the dishes will be provided).

5. What does the video guy do

The food videographer will be actively collaborating with your kitchen staff while they prepare the dishes from early morning. The videographer will be filming the process of preparing and cooking every dish.

food photography dessert closeup
6. After shooting day – food photos
Within 2 weeks, you will receive a  dedicated online proof gallery link with a minimum of 2 to 3 fully edited photos for each dish, so you can select your favorite ones. If you chose a package with a set number of photos, you can pick the ones you prefer. If you want to buy more additional photos, they will be available for you at a discounted price.


7. After shooting day – food videos
Within 2 weeks, you will receive first drafts of your food videos. Look through them and let the videographer know if and what revision you’d like to apply. We offer up to 3 revisions included in your package.
8. Food photography and videography delivery
Once photos and videos are chosen, revised and approved. You’ll be sent final files through private cloud service link (dropbox or others), as below:


  • All selected photos in hi-res (high quality print friendly size)
  • All selected photos optimized for social media (lean files for faster upload)
  • All videos in 1920×1080 format (tv format)
  • All videos in 1080×1080 format (square social media format)


9. Copyrights and usage
All food styling photos and videos are given to you free of copyright and usage limitations. Keep in mind that the food photographer and videographer can use this material for own marketing activities. Videos will be made using licenced music (unlimited use), included in your package.

Get to know us

Food Photographer Sydney

Lando Rossi is a professional photographer, Sydney based. In his 20 years of photographic experience he has created engaging visual contents, with any type of photography, for brands like Marriott, Nespresso Australia, Sydney Opera House among others, helping them to deliver their message across any digital platform, standing out from the crowd.

Food Videographer Sydney

Matt Callian is a professional videographer, his background in hospitality certainly helps in this particular type of videography and he can create an effective short video shoot for your marketing needs. Matt can work directly with your staff and shoot videos that can stand out from the crowd, for a sleek and professional on-screen representation of your brand.

Why book with us

We offer a high quality service right from the start, we want to know your business vision and we want to learn everything we can about your restaurant and cafe in Sydney, we shoot and video with passion, with a professional yet friendly approach:

  • Whether it is for your new menus, website, social media or other marketing collateral, our food photography and videography will be tailored to your needs.
  • We discuss style and mood, so we can output the best photos and videos to represent your venue.
  • We deliver fast, so you can quickly get on with your marketing strategy.
  • High quality photos and videos guaranteed, with multiple formats delivery for different purposes.
  • We know hospitality, we’ve worked in cafes and restaurants and we “speak your language”.


Food photography and Videography:
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book photography or videography only?
Yes, you can book your food photography services or videography services independently. Simply drop us a line or get in touch through our contact form, and we’ll be happy to get in touch for a custom quotation.

How long does the photo and video shoot last for?
Usually half day, the photo-video session takes place at a quiet time of the day, in a quiet part of the restaurant, so we can focus on taking the best shots. Generally, if your requirement is to photograph more than 15 dishes, then the photo session will require more time.

When should we organise the photo and video shoot?
We suggest morning, before lunchtime. Other than that, it’s really up to you and your necessities. Generally speaking, outside heavy restaurant working hours, because we cannot produce quality pictures and videos if you and your staff are super-busy.

What information do I have to provide?
Before shooting day, you provide us with a list of the dishes you would like to shoot, with details of what kind of plates they’re served in (bowl, plate etc.). You can even send us smartphone photos of those dishes, so we know how they look and we can come more prepared.

Do you do commercial food photography and videos?
Yes, we can help with your commercial food photography needs, send us a message or give us a call so we can discuss your needs and timeline.

Payments, how does that work?
We require 50% deposit upon booking confirmation, with the remainder paid upon delivery of all photos and videos.

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