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We make personalised, unique wedding videos that stand out. Our goal is to craft your candid wedding film to match your wedding day’s colours. We create a tangible memory for the future, with attention to detail and lots, lots of passion. With us, your professional wedding cinematography needs are truly cared for.

Featured Wedding Films

Watch our short films to understand our style and approach to the making of a highlights video. Memories are timeless treasures and each one’s special day has its own personality, every couple has their own story. Our task is telling your story with a wedding film that stays with you forever.

Jess & Chris

Was this an emotional wedding? Up to a certain point, yes! You need to watch the video to understand more, we don’t want to spoil the surprise. We wanted to make it as fun as the wedding day had been. Because this special day was real, real fun! Just press play.

Location: Manly, NSW
Filming and editing: Matt Callian Videography

Lisa & Curtis

This is one of our video gallery favourites. A beautiful location, overlooking the ocean with stunning views. But what was truly impressive was the emotions behind this wedding day. We aimed at capturing the whole day and represent it at its best in a wedding film that highlights the most touching moments, the ones you want to keep safe in your heart.

Location: Long Reef – Sydney Northern Beaches
Filming and editing: Matt Callian Videography

Maddie & Luke

An intimate ceremony followed by a warm reception in the heart of Sydney Inner West. This young couple was beautifully praised by their family and friends during the dinner speeches, and we couldn’t wait to edit this video into an emotional film to bottle its essence for eternity.

Location: Sydney Inner West
Filming and editing: Matt Callian Videography

Wedding Videography:
Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning for a wedding in Sydney and you’re looking for wedding videographers, here are some FAQs you might have in mind. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch with us so we can clarify any of your doubts.

What is a wedding highlights film?

A wedding highlights video is a 4-7 minutes wedding video that includes the most significant moments of you wedding day. The best footage collected during the day is used for this video, and if you book a videography package that includes professional audio recording, we also try our best to include fragments of the best speeches. This will make your wedding video truly unique.

What is a wedding film teaser?

A wedding teaser is a one minute cinematic video, a snapshot of each special moment. We send the teaser out to our clients one week after the wedding event. This is always received with great joy from our wedding couples, because they can see a teaser of the final movie only 7 days after being married, and post it to their social media for friends and family while they wait for their final product.

It’s usually delivered in vertical format, to better suit Facebook and Instagram posts. This is an example of how a wedding teaser looks like when posted to an Instagram profile.


What is the full day movie?

For this one, we take all the collected raw footage of the day, including all the formalities, the full ceremony and speeches, and place it in a long video in chronological order. The video parts that don’t require recorded audio (like the preps and the location shoot) will have music of your choice as a background track, while the formalities will include the actual audio of the event. Here’s a brief extract from one of our feature wedding films.


What about the music for the highlights and the teaser?

For our cinematic weddings highlights and wedding video teasers, we prefer to use our copyright free wedding music, and we leave that choice with the video editor. This way we can best decide the mood and atmosphere of your wedding video. Also, this way you won’t have any problem with copyright infringement when you post your videos to social media.

How many cameras?

2 to 4 cameras, depends on your package and on the number of wedding videographers. If you choose a package with 2 shooters, it will be at least 3 cameras set up, especially for formalities where one camera will be placed on a tripod while the other two cameras will be  moving around as needed.

How do you record audio?

We place as many microphones and audio recorders as possible. Audio is an important part of your wedding film, and we want to capture it in the best way. The groom will most likely be asked to be miked, and we can get in touch directly with your celebrant and venue to obtain information about audio.

Do you use any lights?

Perhaps, during the evening part of your wedding, if the venue’s lights are dimmed. For the other parts of the wedding day, it’s usually not necessary.

Can we ask for revisions on our wedding films?

Yes, we’re happy to receive your feedback on the videos we make. We ask that you watch your wedding video at least a couple of times before getting back to us. You can then send us a list of improvements that you would like to see in your wedding video.

How do we get our final wedding videos?

Once every wedding video is finalised and ready to be delivered, we will send you a wooden USB box via post, containing all the final video files, in MP4 and Full HD resolution (1920×1080). It’s your responsibility to conserve the USB box and also to make an additional copy of the files.

Payments… how does that work?

50% deposit when you book, and 50% two weeks before the wedding day. 

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