We are your Sydney based video production partner and we can help you improve your company’s leads and sales by creating engaging video content that captivates your audience. We specialise in online and social media video production services, marketing videos, corporate and advertising videos for digital campaigns. Concept, script, shoot and edit, it’s all taken care of, our creative team is guiding you through the process so you feel confident that the vision you have in mind is translated into screen awesomeness!



1. Why do you want to produce professional videos?

If you’re making a production video, then you want to reach an audience and deliver a message. So if you have defined who your AUDIENCE is, and what type of video would resonate with them, then the first thing to do is letting us know why your audience would want to watch your video. Starting with WHY will help us produce the video content that will convey your message at best.

2. What's the final goal?

Is the video that you’re producing meant to sell a product or service, spread a message, initiate a call to action, create a community or make people laugh? The final goal is NOT to make a beautiful video for its own sake, but to generate the intended EMOTION. So, you should ask yourself… How do you want your audience to FEEL after watching your video?

3. Do you have examples?

It really helps, both you and the production company, to have a video that is used as a reference. This will put you and the producer on the same page, and it gives the videographer/editor someplace to start. We also want to make unique and original content, so we’re not talking about copying, we’re talking about inspiration.

4. Budget. What's on your mind?

It never hurts to let us know what your budget is, so we can match the vision with what’s possible and what’s not. If you have zero idea about the cost of video production services, then let us help you. We ask all the questions to understand the complexity of your project, and then we can send you a detailed quote, or at least an initial estimate with rough pricing.


Our Creative Process

Matt Callian video production services approach every project with fresh eyes, new ideas, and refined skill, creating videos to perfectly match your vision.

Understanding your strategy

You know your brand, we know video. Matt Callian Videography spends time working to understand the strategy behind your brand and business video production, ensuring we can implement your vision in a striking and memorable way. 

Preparation and planning

Detailed preparation and planning lies at the heart of successful commercial video production, regardless of scope. From concept and storyboarding to scripting your targeted message, we focus on the details. From the beginning, we ensure our clients’ expectations are aligned with ours, enabling us to deliver captivating content.

Shooting on-location

Lights, sound, film, crew, and talent; on-location shoots are busy and can be prone to distractions or sudden changes of creative direction. Our comprehensive planning helps us stay the course, keep the camera rolling, and deliver the best possible footage for your brand. 

After all, it’s about your business, your message, and your goal. 


Editing and post-production is where we craft, cut, and mix the captured footage and audio into high-quality video for your business. Every single element of the post-production process is carefully selected to benefit the type of video, message, and the style of your brand. At Matt Callian Videography, we love editing and refining the final video, aiming to ‘wow’ our clients and their customers. 

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"Very impressed with Matt’s professionalism and willingness to adapt on the move. He helped capture energetic footage for the 10km running marathon I was involved in. Quick turn around on video made and very pleased with his ability to listen and apply his own creative input. I will certainly hire Matt’s services again."
Peter Sharp
Founder at The Liberators International
"Mattia did an amazing job on our video advertisement!! Professional, creative & super prompt in getting edits to us to review! Highly recommended"
Jane Houlihan
Dance Studio Owner at You Can Dance Performing Arts Studio
"Matt is my go-to videographer for Pound Paws Dog Day events! He is incredibly professional, creative & on-the-ball! It's a tricky enough job filming dogs, but he always produces the goods! Thank you for your support & amazing work."
Brittany Bloomer
Founder at Pound Paws

Frequently asked questions


We know this doesn’t help, but the answer is… it depends. From production (shooting) to post-production (editing) there are many ways of making a video, using different techniques, equipment and creative languages. But we do want to give you a rough idea, before you ask for a quick quote: for shooting on location, one professional videographer in Sydney generally costs $1,000 per day, this includes professional equipment for video and audio recording. For editing, the cost depends on the complexity of the video. In general, one minute of video editing for corporate production costs around $400.

I don’t like appearing on video, what can I do?

We can arrange for a professional actor for your corporate video, or we can coach you throughout the shooting session. There are some techniques we can use to make you feel at ease, such as using a teleprompter for your script, or having a natural conversational interview while looking off-camera.

How long does it take to edit?

On average, we allocate 3-4 weeks for a first draft to hit your inbox. From there, depending on the revisions requested and the complexity of the project, you’ll get your final video within 1-2 weeks. If the client requires a fast turnover, we’re generally able to accommodate.

Can I ask for revisions?

Yes, after the first edited draft is shared with you, we encourage you to take a few days to review the video, and then let us know if there are any revisions you would like to apply. Revisions requests must be reasonable and in line with the brief.

What music will be used for the video?

After shooting, we select a bunch of licensed tracks that we believe are in tune with the intended video mood. We send you these tracks and you can let us know if you like any of them. If not, we can keep looking, or you can access our library directly and choose the music track you like. Licensed music is included in your initial quotation.

Can you do video animation?

At this stage, this is not a service we offer.

Send us a message

Get in touch for a chat or for a quick quote, send us a request with as many details as you can, so we can start planning your corporate video production. Quotes are provided free of charge and obligation-free.