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Welcome to our event videography services in Sydney, specialising in corporate, conventions, social and business events. Are you in need of professional, high-quality video coverage for your next conference, meeting, gala dinner, product launch or company party? Our team of event videographers are here to help. We will showcase your event in the best light and will work with you to create a visually stunning and engaging video that effectively communicates your brand message. Our state-of-the-art equipment and creative editing skills ensure that your video looks polished and professional. Contact us today to book our event videography services in Sydney and take your business to the next level.


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ASMIRT 2023 at ICC Sydney

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Australian Citizenship Ceremony 2023

Our Approach

1. Pre-event planning

First of all, we discuss the goals and objectives for the event film that you want to produce, as well as any specific requirements or requests you may have. We will also discuss logistics such as the location, schedule, and the number of cameras and crew members needed. Pre-planning is a key step where we aim to get on the same page about expectations, pricing, and technical details. Planning for an event video often involves cross-contact between different departments and audio visual entities to make sure the capture of the event is flawless. If you’re not entirely familiar with all these aspects, we can sure help you navigate through it!

2. Filming

We will capture all the key moments and speakers presentations of your event using professional 4K cameras, audio recording gear and lighting equipment. We will also work with you to set up any necessary interviews, talking heads, or vox pops segments. To create a great video that will engage with your audience, during the event our videographers will think fast on their feet and be where they need to be at the right time to capture the right moment.

3. Post production

After the event, we will edit the audio-video footage to create a polished and cohesive final product. This may include adding graphics, motion graphics, music, captions, lower thirds, and any other elements you would like to include in the video. We usually ask for your brand guidelines to understand the style of your ….We set a deadline with you so you can be confident that you will receive a first draft for review, and work through your requests and revisions to finalise the video.

4. Optimisation

Once finished and approved, we can optimise and deliver your videos for different channels and platforms (different file formats, aspect ratios, lengths). We can also include captions and other elements that will help better consume the video content. This will ensure that the video is effective in communicating the desired message and engages the desired audience.

Snippets of raw vox pops interviews
Play Video about Snippets of raw vox pops interviews

Snippets and examples of vox pops interviews from an event filmed by us at the ICC in Sydney.


Vox pops are a great way to gather the opinions and thoughts of attendees and add an extra layer of authenticity to your event video. By including a variety of voices and perspectives, you can create a more dynamic and engaging video that truly captures the spirit of your event.

Our event videographers will be able to direct and film on-site vox pops and interviews. We use professional cameras, microphones and lighting equipment to capture the interviews, and our editors will ensure that the final product is polished and cohesive.


I reached out to Matt to record our Research Strategy Day workshop and from the first phone call, through the planning stages & then onto our final edit, things could not have gone smoother. Matt absolutely delivered, working with us to arrange the details, and providing us with results that far exceeded our expectations. Matt took the time to understand our project goals and was extremely professional and courteous and timely in his responses. Thank you again Matt, we look forward to working with you in the future.
National Breast Cancer Foundation
We booked Matt for a corporate awards ceremony at the Fullerton Hotel. He delivered beyond five star service; great communication and attention to detail pre-event, utmost care for the outcome, easy post-filming review process and fantastic, polished footage. Perfection!
Event Management Services Ltd
Matt has been a joy to work with every time, always providing terrific production assistance with talent. He has a great eye and energy that makes interviewees feel comfortable while being very resourceful to find the right footage for the assignment whilst I am busy managing other things. All around fantastic work always with a quick turnaround. I really can't recommend him enough!


Starting at AU$2,000

Our event videography package includes professional video coverage of your event, as well as post-production services to create a final video product.


Starting at AU$3,000

We also work with professional photographers to capture the highlights of your event and create visually stunning, high-quality visuals. If you’re looking for a comprehensive photo/video package, we can help.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for a Sydney based event video production company and for professional event photography, get in touch and let us know what’s on your mind. We’re here to help, even if it is for a short notice event, and we can provide a quick quote for you to review.