When you choose to work with us, whether you’re one of our valued customers who pays for our video production services, or a video production partner who helps us deliver outstanding videos, on this page you’ll learn about our work ethic, how we approach our daily tasks, and the values we hold dear.

General values and beliefs

We strongly believe in the power of communication and emotions through video. In fact, we don’t just believe, we know that video has the ability to convey raw emotion and drive powerful feelings and actions.

A well-produced, filmed, and edited video can yield exceptional results in the long run, and there’s a direct correlation between the quality of the video and its impact, regardless of the intended outcome.

That’s why we emphasise the importance of aligning the vision among all parties involved, and we hold ourselves and our team to a standard of perfection throughout the production process. While we may not be producing Hollywood movies (yet 🙂), we strive for nothing less than perfection in every small detail, from the shoot to the final edit.

To achieve outstanding results, we actively listen to feedback and creative ideas from everyone involved. We don’t shy away from admitting when something isn’t working, and we’re candid with our clients about any concerns. However, we also make every effort to find the right solution with the resources at hand.

We are open to continuous improvement, and we never tire of hearing feedback and creative input. We keep working until we believe it can’t get any better, and we are committed to delivering exceptional videos that surpass expectations.

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Production day video shooter

Video Shooting

On shoot day, it’s game on! We firmly believe that capturing great footage is the foundation of creating a fantastic video. While editing is where the magic happens, our editors need to start with high-quality ingredients, and that means having the best possible raw footage provided by our shooters.

To achieve exceptional results during our shoots, we request our customers to provide us with as much detail as possible about their project. This allows us to prepare a comprehensive brief for our shooters and be fully prepared for the shoot.

To ensure smooth shoot days, we ask our shooters to conduct a thorough check of all equipment the day before the shoot and pack it in a manner that aligns with the style of the shoot. This minimises time spent on technical issues and equipment transport during production, allowing us to focus on creative aspects.

It’s crucial for our shooters to have 100% confidence in their equipment and carry backup options in case of any failures, as comfort and confidence during the shoot are key to capturing exceptional footage.

While we can’t guarantee everything will go perfectly, we are committed to delivering the best possible results through meticulous planning and preparation.

On-set mindset

Our shooters are always on the lookout for the next best shot. We strive to capture the perfect shot at all times. With this mindset, we also anticipate the editing process. Whether our shooter is also the editor or someone else takes care of the editing, the shooter is responsible for providing the editor with great material to work with. This means:

Technical - video recording

video technical specs guidelines
Audio recording technical guidance

Technical - audio recording

On set, we are not just videographers, but also sound recordists. We highly value working with talented videomakers who recognise that sound is equally as important as video in creating an immersive and impactful experience. We believe that high-quality audio is essential to complement and enhance the visuals, and we are dedicated to capturing pristine sound to ensure the overall production meets the highest standards.

For this reason, we thoroughly plan our video shoots also in the sound department, and we prepare our audio equipment so we don’t incur in any particular hiccup during production. Recovering a badly recorded audio in post is tedious, and sometimes impossible, and our videographers need to strive for perfect results during shoot, so our editors have a good audio track to work with to start off.

Video Editing

Video editing is similar to baking the perfect cake, with various ingredients at our disposal, such as our own footage or externally provided footage, music track/s, still graphics and motion graphics, audio sources and recordings, and audio effects.

However, the most crucial ingredient, which is often overlooked, is the creative brief, akin to a “recipe”. The creative brief encompasses essential information, including the “why” of the video.

Regardless of the content, our editor must remember that a video is a medium of communication, and in order to create an impactful video, they must adhere to the underlying purpose or reason for its existence.


We prioritise over-communication as we believe it is essential for clarity and transparency. Under-communication is not condoned or understood in our professional environment, and we believe that communication should never break down. While we acknowledge that people can be busy, we believe that a quick reply, even a simple one-liner, is sufficient to assure everyone that the line of communication is open.